“Almost Didn’t See It!” Thin Butter Slices On Toast Shocked Customer At Local Eatery

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The prices of goods are expected to go up next month, but some citizens are already feeling the pinch when they’re shopping or eating out.

A netizen Shawn Wee recently shared pictures of his kaya butter toast supposedly from OldTown White Coffee, and there were super thin slices of butter on all of his toasts.

Wow! I almost didn’t see the butter!

Facebook user Shawn Wee wrote in the caption.

Shawn posted the pictures in a Facebook group on 18 May and it gained 1.3k shares and 4.5k likes.

Image: Shawn Wee/ FB

Netizens were both amused and shocked at the tiny amount of butter on the toasts because the butter spread was more generous before. A few of them honestly thought the thin strips of butter were French fries.

To demonstrate how little butter there was, they joked that the picture had to be enlarged to spot it. Another netizen said it was just best not to serve the kaya and butter toast at this rate.

Hopefully, this serving at the eatery was only a fluke and not a sign of times to come.

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