Breaking News! Rep. Suacoco Dennis Accuses Gov’t’s Of Being After Her Life

Rep. Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis

A Member of the 54th Legislature, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis, has accused the CDC led-government of sponsoring thugs to take away her life for her critical stance on national issues.

The District 4 Montserrado County lawmaker also accused the Weah led-administration of witch-haunting and cautioned Liberians not to do autopsy on her lifeless body if she dies anytime soon.

President George M. Weah

In a post on her official Facebook page recently, the lawmaker pointed out, “I believe CDC government is after my life. I strongly believe they want to kill me there, and remember these words as I speak.”

“If I go missing, it’s because of my belief. If I am found dead! No AUTOPSY; please just let me be. The government is witch-hunting me. They want to kill me in my opinion. Remember me! Remembered the work I have done and remembered what I intended to have done,” she averred.

Rep. Dennis further stated, “Remembered me! Remember me! This might be my last moment in time! I think the king and his worshipers want me killed!”

“They want me killed! They want to kill me! When I am dead! No AUTOPSY PLEASE. I don’t know whether the Judiciary will allow itself to be used! I don’t think so! Because the field of Law is beautiful and it must be respected for the outcome of any nation,” Rep. Dennis stressed.

She emphasized, “But you can never tell! I think they want to kill me. I believe this government wants to kill me! Remembered me! Remembered no Autopsy I said.”

However, this claims by the Montserrado County District 4 lawmaker followed a writ of arrest issued April 22, 2022, from the Paynesville city court against her.

In responds to the writ, Rep. Dennis on her official Facebook page also stated, “Good morning everyone, again I thank you all for your concerns yesterday regarding an inappropriate writ of arrest believed to be from the Paynesville city court against me.”

“So, to clarify, I wasn’t arrested and will never be for now. Cytarus Dahn is a lady who I allegedly stole my jewelry and money. She however had confrontation with some members of my office, before I got there she escaped only to be called for conference the next day from the Paynesville city court,’ she explained.

Rep. Dennis further, “As a respecter of the law I appeared before the Magistrate Marvin S. Bah to answer to allegations averred in the conference. Although there had been procedural problems during hearings, I told my lawyer to let the Magistrate give his ruling. The Magistrate lost the evidence I presented, didn’t request another yet we were awaiting his ruling.”

“Initial ruling was on a Good Friday, I wasn’t at fault. Subsequent ruling my counsel was present, due to poor health I couldn’t attend. A rescheduled or summon was the Honorable action. In conference after judge’s ruling if any or both parties are not satisfied, both or either can go for litigation.

The Writ from the Paynesville city court against her

“Unfortunately whilst we are awaiting ruling, the Magistrate, disrespectfully, rudely, with prejudice against me, wanting to exploit and with political motives did the dishonorable thing by issuing writ of arrest for Criminal mischief and disorderly conduct against me, a peaceful person,” she said.

The District 4 lawmaker further indicated, “Someone who is currently under the court’s jurisdiction; someone who is not absconding from justice; someone who attended all hearings and only awaiting ruling and ready for what come may. Summons was the best option, yet for wickedness and without the fear of God and to further degrade the judicial system, did issue an unjust writ of arrest against me.”

She stressed, “The justice system is indeed messy with my first experience in court and under a disgusting Magistrate decision. I pity the underprivileged, because corruption and exploitation are the tools against the privileged.”

“The law is the law. It serves also to prevent the underprivileged from exploiting the privileged. It was served to prevent the privileged from taking advantage of the poor. We will not give up; we will keep fighting until the system works. Cytarus allegedly stole my money and jewelry! I am actually not a party to her crime alleged but they trying by all means to have me involved,” Rep. Dennis averred.

Meanwhile, African Entertainment has gathered that the leadership of the House of Representatives headed by Speaker Bhofal Chambers has begun inquiry into the allegation made by the the District 4 lawmaker.

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