Budget Eco-Shop To Raise Its Prices To RM2.40 In June

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Eco-shop, most well known for having everything priced at a low price of just RM2.20, is now raising their prices again to RM2.40.

An announcement regarding the price hike shown in stores.
(Credit: Facebook)

The chain notes that this price increase is due to increase in costs for the business as well.

In December 2021, they raised their prices to RM2.20 per item, a 10 sen increase.

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Now, a mere six months later, they are once again raising their prices to RM2.40 per item, a 20 sen increase.

The budget chain store has more than 150 stores across Malaysia and sells a very wide variety of items at an affordable price.

No one likes price hikes

Much like last year, customers grumbled about the rising costs, saying that there was already a price hike just last year.

However, others defended the store, saying that their items were still cheaper than other regular stores.

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Anne Dorall

Anne Dorall

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