Cousin Reveals Secrets, Claims Miss Malaysia Contestant Mistreated Father For Supporting Lee Chong Wei

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Recently, there was an uproar on social media about the story of the former Miss International Malaysia (MIM) contestant.

She remarked why she was born in Malaysia and not in China.

Her words have raised the ire of Malaysians, who criticised her for being racist and does not deserve to be a finalist.

Adding fuel to the online firestorm is a statement made by her own cousin, Hui Yue.

Hui Yue alleged that Lee has a bad temper since childhood.

Her cousin claimed that Lee had been rude to her family members.

Hui Yue also alleged that Lee had threw a TV remote and a pillow at her father for supporting Datuk Lee Chong Wei in a badminton match between Malaysia and China.

Lee’s cousin also claimed that she was often rude to the family and once scolded her own mother for advising her to drink more water.

Meanwhile, Miss International Malaysia has already stripped Abby Lee’s participation.

Lee was one of the 15 shortlisted candidates to represent Malaysia in the annual Miss International global pageant.

Lee had also been criticised for disparaging remarks against Muslims on social media.

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