David Beckham Received ‘Threatening’ Letters From Stalker, per Report

David Beckham reportedly received threatening letters from a 58-year-old woman who stalked him and appeared at his homes in Oxfordshire and West London, England, according to Sky News.

Michael Snow, the district judge of the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, listened to details written in the letters to Beckham and detained the woman, Sharon Bell, under the Mental Health Act.

Beckham “became frightened for the safety of his family” and was “concerned” about what Bell might do next, according to Snow.

Bell allegedly received Beckham’s address from a detective agency and began writing letters to Beckham on July 5, 2021 through November ’21.

In the earliest handwritten letter in July 2021, Bell stated that she had “feelings” for Beckham and that his wife, 48-year-old Victoria Beckham, owed her money.

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