Héma-Québec seeks spike in blood donation cancellations and no-shows

Causing significant shortages, says the agency responsible for collecting blood products.

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A significant increase in the number of people who cancel or don’t show up to their appointments for a blood donation is causing significant shortages at Héma-Québec, the agency responsible for collecting blood products.

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For the week of March 28, the agency saw a shortfall of 800 donations below its objective of almost 5,500. It’s the first time this phenomenon has occurred to such a degree since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it says the needs are the same — every 80 seconds, someone needs a blood donation in Quebec, and it takes 1,000 donations a day to respond to the needs of hospitals.

For the moment, hospital supplies of blood products remain normal and Héma-Québec says it’s able to respond to all needs. But it says if the deficit continues, it will eventually have an impact on blood reserves.

It asked for an increase in donations to match their needs. Appointments are preferred, particularly during the pandemic, but walk-ins are still invited to give. It also asked that those who can’t make their appointments please remember to cancel them.

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