How Justin Bieber Is Managing “Discomfort” Amid Ramsay Hunt Diagnosis

Following Bieber’s announcement, Dr. Andre Panossian—who has not worked with the Canada native but is an expert in the field of facial paralysis and has treated patients with Ramsay Hunt syndrome—spoke to E! News about the diagnosis and the recovery process. “Treatment can involve giving some steroids, usually by mouth and some antivirals by mouth as well,” he said. “That can go on for about a week to 14 days of treatment to try to really knock out the inflammation and the source of the inflammation, which is theoretically the virus.”

As for when full function could potentially return, the doctor told E! News, “That could be anywhere from a week to up to three months sometimes. That’s where the time is of the essence comes in. The longer it hangs out, the more troubling it is for people to recover from it thoroughly at the end of it.”

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