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The Thompson Landry Gallery is thrilled to present HUMAN NATURE, a joint exhibition by Quebec artists Hyun Jou Lee and Karo Alexanian. This dynamic exhibition will feature a total of 30 of their latest works, which will be on view in the Thompson Landry Gallery’s Stone Distillery space from June 16 through July 10, 2022.

HUMAN NATURE combines Karo Alexanian’s philosophical questions about the origins of humanity with Hyun Jou Lee’s quest to build landscapes from scenes of life. Strong in emotion, HUMAN NATURE transports us to the deepest parts of ourselves, presenting different points of view that invite us into self introspection.  Highlighting the contrasts in the artists’ styles, we invite you to experience the textures and abstracted forms of Jou Lee side by side with the geometric and clean lines of Karo’s cubist forms.

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