Hunger Games’ Jena Malone Helps Chase Down Alleged Dog Abuser

Jena Malone just proved to be one lucky dog’s best friend.

On April 4, the 37-year-old Hunger Games actress helped come to the rescue of a small leashed dog, a terrier mix named Champion, who was allegedly being abused by a man on a Hollywood street. The suspect, Kendall McKinney, 29, was later arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty—and had already had a no-bail warrant out for his arrest, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told E! News.

Malone tweeted, “This was really scary. I saw a man kicking repeatedly a small dog on the sunset, yanking him up in the air and absolutely choking the dog. I yelled at him to stop from my car but he wouldn’t. I got out of my car to try and get the dog but he started running.”

That’s when the actress sprang into action, she said in an on-camera interview with NBC Los Angeles.

“I pulled over and started chasing him,” said Malone who was later shown cradling Champion. “Because it’s absolutely not OK.”

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