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A better way for MPI rebates

Re: MPI rebate cheques coming soon (Feb. 1)

Am I missing something here? Manitoba Public Insurance has a complete database of all insured parties in the province and keeps a running balance of current charges. Now that they are in a position to offer rebates, why on earth are they mailing out cheques?

Why waste paper and spend money on postage when all they need to do is apply the suitable credit to each account digitally and advise us of our new balance? MPI should add all those expenses of envelopes and stamps to the total funds available as well and include them in the distribution to the insured parties.

Time to modernize, MPI!

Elizabeth Greer


Bergen’s stance supported

Re: MP’s remarks ‘very disrespectful’ (Feb. 2)

Kudos to Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Bergen for condemning the “beheading” of a Queen Victoria statue in Winnipeg last summer in the same terms as protesters displaying swastikas and antisemitic imagery in Ottawa.

These acts of civil disobedience are all signs of disrespect to our nation and our institutions. All elected MPs should acknowledge the right to protest but at the same time insist that any acts of civil disobedience will not be tolerated.

Anyone who paints statues, destroys statues, burns churches, illegally blockades railroads or highways, urinates or defecates on public or private property or performs any other illegal act under the shield of a protest or demonstration should be held responsible and accountable for their actions, without exception.

John Frostiak

Balmertown, Ont.

All veterans insulted

Re: Anti-vaccine mandate protest racks up costs to Ottawa residents, police, businesses (Feb. 1)

It was in total disgust that I saw a video of a young girl dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Not only did she dance on that tomb, she was dancing on every grave of all servicemen and servicewomen who died in the service of Canada.

Then to see the urine stains in the snow and on the National War Memorial. This is not just pee on a wall of stone. They were peeing on the memory of all dead and living veterans.

Truckers will say: “These people were not part of our protest.” But these truckers were the magnet that attracted these ignorant people. So it’s time for truckers to put on their big-boy pants and accept responsibility for the chaos they caused and the insults to our veterans past and present.

A fear of needles is not a reason for all the hell they created for residents of Ottawa.

Yes, I am a veteran, and proud of the service that gave truckers the freedom to act in such an immature manner.

Harold Ross


What angers me most about the anti-vaccine truckers in Ottawa and in Coutts, Alta., is that they drape themselves in the flag as if they are the greatest patriots and defenders of freedom in Canada. They are not. If they truly wish to escape the yoke of tyranny and exercise their freedom, they should stop listening to liars.

Dan Cecchini


I am heartened to see that our politicians from both the left and the right are united in saying to the truckers demonstrating in Ottawa and across Canada that enough is enough. Go home.

I am so very impressed with how our police and our leaders have handled this demonstration.

A suggestion: use this moment of unity for Parliament and provincial legislatures to pass laws applying massive fines for this kind of misbehaviour. A peaceful way to make our point.

Bill Martin


Has anyone pointed out that the Canadian border vaccine mandate is for returning into Canada? You have to get over the border into the U.S. to cross back into Canada. You can’t get into the U.S. without being vaccinated!

Gilles Nicolas


Support nurses? How?

Re: Lengthy ER wait leaves woman urging support for workers ‘just treading water’ (Feb. 2)

Would be nice if this lady who spent 12 hours in an emergency room would specify what exactly she means by urging support for hospital staff. Each day when I go for my walk, I see signs asking me to support our nurses but, again, I have no idea what exactly I am to do to give my support. I asked one person who had a lawn sign up what it meant, but they had no idea.

James Roberts


Young’s hissy fit

Re: Heart of Gold (Letters, Feb. 1)

How do artists who have sold their catalogues have any right to dictate who is allowed to play their music?

What happened to the old hippies, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, to make them abandon what we thought they once stood for: freedom of speech? Joe Rogan’s podcast is exactly the free speech they would have been fighting for 50 years ago. Free speech and healthy debate should not be supported only when it aligns with your point of view.

If Young had a “moral compass ” and a shred of dignity left from his hippie days, he would go on Rogan’s show and debate, not have a hissy fit and demand Spotify not play music he doesn’t own anymore.

Kim Trethart


Princess Stefanson

Re: Premier’s oversight undermines public trust (Editorial, Jan. 31)

It appears Manitoba has a premier who is acting much like a princess. Rules and privileges are different for royalty than their subjects.

During a pandemic, her subjects are told to learn to look after themselves, a version of “let them eat cake.” Meanwhile, the princess is busy with $31 million of real-estate dealings and forgets to acknowledge them for conflict-of-interest requirements.

Many struggling Manitobans worry about an additional $31 to buy sufficient food.

R.W. Hanson


Cinema rules ridiculous

On Saturday I proceeded with friends to the cinemas adjacent to Polo Park, full of anticipation to see Rigoletto live from the Metropolitan Opera House. To our extreme disappointment, we were advised that the show was sold out.

I went into the theatre to advise our friends, who had bought their tickets in advance, that we were unable to get in and would need to phone my husband to drive from Garden City and pick us up. To my surprise, I saw that fewer than a dozen people were in attendance, spread out within that entire theatre.

Thinking we’d been misinformed, I went back to the lobby and spoke to the manager, who informed me that government orders limit them to a total of 250 patrons in the entire building. Considering that there are more than 15 venues there, it seems somewhat ridiculous to impose such restrictions over the entire building rather than a reasonable number per theatre.

Phyllis Dana


Make citizens clear city sidewalks

Re: Sidewalk snarl (Letters, Jan. 29)

Carolyn Garlich’s letter questions why city crews are so slow to clear sidewalks. After every snowfall, whether it’s one inch or as much as a foot or more, I clear my driveway and sidewalks, including the city-owned sidewalk that passes by the front of my home. I’m 72 years old and my sidewalks are always clear down to the bare pavement.

I’ve lived in other cities where there is a bylaw stating after a significant snowfall of two inches or more, sidewalks in front of businesses and homes must be cleared within 24 hours. It is the responsibility of business owners and homeowners that this is done or be subject to a fine.

Winnipeg should enact such a bylaw. If a homeowner is unable to clear the sidewalk, I’m sure a neighbour or relative would be able to help.

Bob Roach


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