Liberia Broadcasting System Reclaims Its 89.9 Frequency Squarely for Entertainment

Paynesville — The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), as part of an effort to expand its coverage in information dissemination and entertainment programs, over the weekend dedicated its first national music and entertainment radio station, named and styled: “ELBC Metro FM 89.9”.

The LBS on Friday dedicated Metro 89.9FM as part of its five-year strategic plan with support from the People’s Republic of China. The ELBC Metro 89.9 FM is situated in its once-abandoned ELBC main radio broadcast studio that has been upgraded to a modern studio.

The station was launched by Liberia’s Minister of Information Mr. Ledgerhood Rennie. Both Metro 89.9 FM and ELBC 99.9 are located in the main compound of the Liberia Broadcasting System in Paynesville.

Minister Rennie lauded the administration of LBS, Director-General Estelle Liberty-Kemoh, for living up to the task as his successor at LBS.

According to Liberty-Kemoh, Metro radio project realization is part of a sustained and successful bilateral partnership between Liberia and the Government of China.

“Today’s dedication ceremony has been made possible as the result based on the His Excellency President Weah support and interest in the prioritization of LBS as well his sustained bilateral partnership with the People’s Republic of China. As a result, today is a celebration of the value convergence of national ownership and initiative that you have sought in this bilateral partnership, a new form of experimentation in our national development,” LBS DG said.

Madam Liberty-Kemoh said Metro 89.9Fm will assist the LBS management to expand its services by introducing exclusive entertainment on the radio and as well work with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to introduce an educational radio and TV show, “Teach by Radio and Television”.