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Malaysia Bharu: For all intents and purposes, the decision not to use a common logo is a terrible blow to the image of Pakatan Harapan as a responsible, united and trustworthy coalition that can be depended on.

Simply put, it is a put-off. It is almost like losing the battle even before getting onto the battlefield.

Far from being a litmus test, it is the undoing of Harapan as a coalition that has stood the test of time even at its most critical moments by sheer unshakable unity among its components.

From the voters’ point of view, two different logos representing the same coalition is rather confusing. Which voter worth his salt will ever cast his vote for a coalition that is incapable of projecting even the basic – the perception of a united coalition?

The comments as seen on Malaysiakini are unanimous – in complete accord against the unreasonable decision to use different logos.

It is our sincere hope that even if Harapan loses, we can at least be proud that we did our best. There need not be finger-pointing and blaming poor voter turnout.

Clever Voter: If this is what the “big tent” means, we can already smell disaster. Not much has been learned from the recent disastrous electoral forays.

One common mission, one common direction – this cannot happen when we have one big tent of outdated leaders who cannot even agree to a single message, and later on seat allocation.

All need a cold reminder that it is no use having a false sense of reality and a mistaken notion of themselves.

My2sen: Opposition leader and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim should graciously vacate the leadership of Harapan if he is unable to even uphold the use of a common logo. His only goal seems to be to become PM, and we know he is running out of time, so he is desperate.

He doesn’t have any team spirit despite the fact that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu have been backing him for many years. He seems to be in it for himself.

His wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar worked hard for him and the party when he was in jail, but when he was released, he listened only to his boys. The wrong boys. And where did that land him? Another sodomy charge.

Just leave the Harapan leadership, we can do without his baggage.

Thelastsamurai: I really think that PKR needs a new leadership because PKR has been the worst performer among Harapan parties. Nuruh Izzah and Rafizi Ramli should take the helm and it’s time for Anwar to step down.

There are bigger concerns than the flag or logo. What happened in Malacca clearly showed that PKR made the wrong move by accepting the political “frogs”.

PKR will drag all of Harapan down with it. I will not be surprised if they suddenly choose to team up with Bersatu or PAS, or even Umno, just to secure the win.

PKR, Warisan and Pejuang, all have the same pattern – try to be the big boss when they can only be an empty can.

Myviews: Spot on, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy. Why have a coalition when you (in this case, PKR) do not trust its own logo?

On the other hand, since it’s only a state election, let PKR go ahead and let them use their own logo. If they come out as losers, then they know it’s their fault and cannot blame anyone. It would also mean it’s easier for DAP and Amanah to re-assess their relations with PKR.

PKR does not have leaders who are able to feel the pulse of the people. They cannot even understand that in GE14 in 2018, the people wanted change and hence, any logo would do then.

It was not because the PKR logo was great but because Pakatan Harapan’s registration as a coalition was not approved by the then BN government.

In any case, it shows the shallow thinking of PKR members that the election was won by the use of its logo. Wake up, PKR. GE14 was won by the sentiments of the people clamouring for change. Not by your logo.

MK Follower: During the 22 months of Harapan rule, the three parties wasted too much of their time and effort fighting the one man who was bent on creating divisions within the coalition.

So PKR, DAP and Amanah shouldn’t be shouldering all the blame for its demise. Supporters of Harapan, including myself, were conned by this most despicable man on earth.

We shouldn’t make the logo issue an issue even if PKR wants to use it for the Johor state election so long as we know that the party is still honourably with Harapan.

We should be more focused on getting rid of the rotten ruling government and replacing it with those who can bring us a brighter Malaysia.

Just A Voice: What a load of crock, why are we even discussing the logo? Just shows how bankrupt these so-called “leaders” are of ideas and vision of moving the nation forward.

It’s because of your foolish discourse on these issues that people lose hope in the “coalition of hope”.

If Muda is smart, it’ll go its own way. Yes, work with the other parties in forming policies and don’t form alliances with these leaders. They’ll just drag you down into the swamp with them.

Mosquitobrain: Just let Anwar and his little Napoleons do what they want. They’re so confident this time around that they want to use their own party logo in the Johor election.

Since PKR is so persistent (and they consider the Harapan logo “baggage” after losing big in the Malacca and Sarawak elections), it’s high time Amanah and DAP quit the “takde harapan” coalition and join the other opposition parties instead.

Drngsc: Yes, either there is a coalition or there is not. Maybe they each should all go their own way, with a memorandum of understanding (MOU) as part of their manifesto.

If Anwar does not think that the Harapan logo can rally the people and make them trust Harapan, then why have Harapan at all?

Each party should go their own way and have a common understanding of support. Let us have a multiracial and multiparty electoral landscape. That is better for genuine democracy.



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