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The RCI held its first meeting on Jan 26.

“The probe is ongoing and we do not want to interfere,” he told reporters when met after the presentation of the Malaysian Family Musa’adah Squad financial aid to victims of a freak storm at the relief centre in Dewan Tawas here today.

According to Idris, the Tabung Haji RCI must act as an independent body, free from any interference of other parties, and his department will wait for the findings of the investigations before further action is taken.

On Jan 19, the government had obtained the consent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah for the appointment of the six RCI members.

The government had agreed on July 14 last year to set up the RCI to investigate TH’s management and operational issues from 2014 to 2020.

The RCI will ensure that a transparent investigation is carried out to ensure TH has carried out its mandate professionally in managing the deposits of Muslims.

At the programme today, victims of the freak storm that caused damage to houses received cash assistance of RM300 and essential items worth RM100 per family.

Ipoh district police chief Yahaya Hassan said they had received 305 reports from victims so far.

He advised affected residents who have yet to lodge a report to do so at the nearest police station.

“This will make it easier for them to make claims and seek government assistance.”

Yahaya said police had been mobilised to the affected areas to ensure the safety of the residents’ houses.

“No reports of thefts have been filed so far.”

Hundreds of homes were damaged during a tornado-like freak storm that hit Taman Desa Seri Chepor, Kampung Tawas, Taman Tasek Damai and Kampung Seri Klebang Tambahan Jaya at about 6pm on Sunday. FMT

PAS ready to part ways with Umno, says info chief

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS is ready to cut all ties with Umno as its patience is running out after what it views as betrayals by certain factions within its Muafakat Nasional partner, says a party leader.

PAS information chief Khairil Nizam Khirudin  said on Tuesday (Feb 2), that things had come to a head and it appeared that the parties must part ways because the rift has created disunity among Muslims.

He said the spate of state elections triggered by certain factions within Umno was evidence of these “betrayals”, including causing the collapse of the previous Perikatan Nasional government.

“We are taking everything into consideration before making a decision… our patience is running thin with these self-serving factions with vested interests,” he said, speaking as a guest of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) information chief Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan on the “Bersama Wan Saiful” YouTube show.

The Muafakat Nasional partners have been at loggerheads lately with PAS teaming with Bersatu for the Johor state election, after cooperating with the party in the Melaka state polls last year.

“There is a faction such as the one in the government led by the Prime Minister which wants unity and PAS has a lot of respect for them, but not the faction facing court cases,” Khairil Nizam said.

Khairil Nizam, who is a senator, said other parties within Perikatan were forced to cooperate with Umno to ensure stability.

“If there is strong support to cut ties with Umno an emergency assembly (muktamar) will be called and the resolution taken there will be tabled at the PAS Syura Council, which is the ultimate decision-making body,” he added. ANN




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