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Zahid says he will address party concerns about Onn Hafiz

UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he will address the surprise appointment of Onn Hafiz Ghazi as the new Johor menteri besar in his opening speech at the 2021 Umno General Assembly tomorrow.

Zahid said he will also use the address to respond to speculation that not all leaders are in favour of an early general election.

“I will answer both questions tomorrow,” Zahid said during a press conference at Umno headquarters in PWTC today.

Machap assemblyman Onn, 42, was appointed menteri besar on Tuesday despite 38 out of 40 Barisan Nasional Johor assemblymen picking incumbent Hasni Mohammad for the job.

According to reports, the lawmakers declared their choice in the customary fashion but, despite BN’s own election promise to reinstate Hasni, Onn was appointed instead.

The general assembly began last night with deputy president Mohamad Hasan wanting the party to take advantage of Pakatan Harapan in complete disarray and move for a general election at the earliest opportunity.

This call was backed up today by Umno Pemuda and Puteri presidents Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki and Zahidah Zarik Khan respectively in their opening speeches this morning.

Meanwhile, Zahid told reporters that the supreme council will hold its customary meeting tonight ahead of the main assembly tomorrow.

“This is a regular meeting, which is usually held on the eve of the party’s annual general assembly, where a briefing will be given by the chairman.

“The motions tabled by the supreme council are to debate the policy speech of the president.

“We will examine the motions tonight,” he said.



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