Namibian Musician Bags Award in Canada

Namibian musician Garth Prinsonsky has won a music award at the Juno Awards in Toronto, Canada.

Prinsonsky, who uses the stage name Garth Prince won in the category of “Children’s album of the year”.

The awards are presented annually to Canadian musical artists and bands to acknowledge their artistic and technical achievements in all music genres.

The awards are an equivalent of the Brit Awards in Great Britain or the Grammy Awards in the United States.

Nine winners are selected out of forty-two categories.

Prinsonsky, who started his musical career at Walvis Bay with the Mascato Youth Choir moved to Canada about 12 years ago, and started teaching African music in Canadian schools.

The 39-year-old father of two released a children’s music book titled Grazing Back Home, with original and folk songs, including “Tate wetu” in 2020.

“It seems like a dream. Africans are starting to make an impact on the global art scene. This award puts me in a good position to maximise the opportunity to make sure that Namibian inspired music gets into the household of every Canadian house. I will make a plan to share what I learn here with the children in Africa” said Prinsonsky

It is the first time someone who produced African inspired music has won such an award in Canada.

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