Nigeria: Slap and Look Cute!’ – Nigerians On Social Media React to Bianca’s Slapping of Mrs Obiano

“Nothing is easy in Nigeria again. Even to receive a slap, you will still leave your seat to go and get it.”

The ‘farewell’ slap Bianca Ojukwu gave to the wife of former governor Willie Obiano on Thursday at Charles Soludo’s inauguration has got many Nigerians talking on social media – Twitter and Facebook, especially.

The word ‘slap’ trended on Twitter for two days, at least.

Most people who commented on the Awka incident appeared to be in solidarity with Mrs Ojukwu, the widow of the late Biafran leader, Odumegwu Ojukwu, against Mr Obiano’s wife, Ebelechukwu.

“The way Ebele, Willie’s wife, strutted to where Bianca was sitting was indicative of a woman who is aware of her reputation as a drama queen and reveled in it,” Nicholas Ibekwe (@nicholasibekwe), a journalist with PREMIUM TIMES, wrote on Twitter.

“The only problem was that today she met her equal and was served accordingly,” he added.

A Nigerian actor and comedian, Ayo Makun, also known as AY (@AYCOMEDIAN), said of the incident: “Nothing is easy in Nigeria again. Even to receive a slap, you will still leave your seat to go and get it.”

The tweet by AY had 15,000 likes and over 3,290 retweets as at Friday night.

Reno Omokri (@renoomokri), a former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, tweeted “Slap and look cute!”

“Mrs Obiano finally made history. She was the first outgoing First Lady to receive outgoing SLAP. Congratulations ma. History will never forget you. All hail Bianca Ojukwu,” said a Twitter user (@Olachihope1).

This particular tweet had over 3,250 likes and 563 retweets as at Friday night.

And one of the deep responses to the tweet came from a Twitter user, Reginald Chukwu (@ReeGeesThoughtz) who said that “Everything about the Ojukwu clan is heroic”.

“Ojukwu’s spirit would be glad Bianca is representing the no-nonsense act he is known for. For me that was a heroic slap, a perfect valedictory gift to be remembered forever by the Obianos,” he added.

“The slapper was slapped by a slappist,” said another Twitter user @francischukwuem.

“She who slaps last, slaps best,” was yet another comment on the tweet, from a Twitter user @kaygb09.

One Twitter user, Moses Agbo (@Official_M_Agbo) posted a photo of a polo shirt with the inscription, ‘Bianca’s slap’.