Parent Make A Big Fuss When Children Receive ‘Only’ RM3 Duit Raya

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As a show of love, care and blessings, adults give duit Raya to children during the festive season.

People usually follow the simple “big to small” rule in giving duit Raya, which means “older to younger” and “senior to junior”.

The ornate green paper envelope is fun to receive, but how much money should you put inside if you are the one giving them?

A Twitter post invited criticism from netizens when a parent complained that the children only received RM3 duit Raya.

Saying that RM3 was the amount during the 90s and is now outdated, the parent called out the giver as stingy and calculative.

The parent added that it should be at least RM5 to RM10 per person especially if the giver appears to be well to do.

No To Pampering, Yes To Positive Discipline

Netizens expressed disgust and indignance with the attitude of the parent.

They criticized the parent as ungrateful for what people give to their children.

Others said parents should not pamper their children, as spoiling your child may have long-term harmful effects. 

Since spoiled children may fail to learn to solve their problems growing up, they often lack the life skills needed to handle adulthood.

Some said the amount of money you put in is up to you, depending on your relationship with the recipient.

Usually, the closer the relationship, the more money people would be inclined to give, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Some people pointed out that giving duit Raya should be based on one’s financial situation, and not to impress others.

In any case, duit Raya, as with ang pows, is meant to liven up the festive season and is not about the money.

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