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According to the New York Post, since choosing to sign his 2022-23 contract with the Nets on June 27, guard Kyrie Irving has not reportedly asked the team for a trade.

The report says a source close to the team, the only reason there has been talk about Kyrie Irving leaving the Nets is because Kevin Durant asked for a trade from the team a few days after Irving chose to sign his player option rather than become a free agent.

Irving will still play for the team, according to the source, even without Durant.

“Kyrie has not asked for a trade,” the source said. “Now, if the Nets don’t want him, that’s something totally different. Kyrie has not said he wants a trade. He opted in. [So where did] the trade conversations come from? Is it because, KD requested a trade and now everybody’s like let’s trade Ky? Kyrie opted in.”

The seven-time All-Star had the option of exercising his right to opt out of his contract in order to become a free agent and exploring sign-and-trade deals, but he chose to accept the $36.9 million player option instead.

The rumor that Irving and Durant will both leave Brooklyn to play for a new team together is the source of speculation about their potential departure from Brooklyn.

In their last two seasons of playing together, the pair advanced to the postseason both times.

What will happen with Durant?

The fact that Kevin Durant asked to be traded this summer after failing to win a championship with the Brooklyn Nets has generated a lot of discussion. Jalen Rose thinks that people will question his legacy if he leaves the team.

After three seasons with the Nets, Durant wants to leave the organization. He asked for a trade before free agency started, despite his friend and teammate Kyrie Irving choosing to exercise his player option with Brooklyn.

Since Durant’s request, the NBA has been inactive. Teams have expressed interest in the four-time scoring champion, but the Nets haven’t come across a compelling enough offer.

KD’s Twitter post discussing “legacy” gave the NBA community something new to discuss. He is making fun of the many who have claimed that his failure to win a championship without the Golden State Warriors will have an impact on his legacy.

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