Riky Rick Reveals Number Of Tickets Left For CottonFest

Following an announcement by Riky Rick on the return of CottonFest, most fashion there has been a euphoric mood in the hip hop space.

Not only the hip hop fans expressed their delight in the return of the well-decorated concert but SA hip hop stars have lauded the new development.

Riky Rick announced that the festival will run for two days and he urged all the fans to get their tickets on time to avoid any possible inconvenience.

“This year we bring you the UNIVERSITY OF COTTON FEST. Our multi-layered festival campus experience includes 3 stages featuring over 100 of South Africa’s finest performers and DJs. Class of 2022 LETS MAKE HISTORY. Early bird tickets dropping this Monday (31/1),” he wrote.

As it stands, it looks like Riky Rick‘s message was heard loud and clear as the number of tickets for the CottonFest is getting close to being sold out. Riky Rick has shared the number of tickets left for the upcoming concert expressing how shocked he is with the massive support.

“There are only 238 tickets left for @CottonFestJHB 😳😳😳😳😳 ” tweeted Mr Makhado.

The theme for this year’s Cotton Fest is “The University of Cotton Fest,” which will be a college experience for all festival attendees who will have the opportunity to see over 100 South African musicians and DJs perform on three different stages.

The festival will include a variety of features such as music, sports, and fashion to keep the large target audience entertained during the course of the two-day event.

“With the industry currently flipped on its head, Cotton Fest, together with exciting partners hope to bring together the industry, and celebrate the graduation of the first class from the University of Cotton Fest 2022,” said Riky Rick.

Source: SAHipHopMag

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