Season 2 Of ‘Squid Game’ To Arrive 2024.

Creator says he has only scripted three pages of the second season. He adds that the second season will be more shocking than the first one.

Squid Game portrays players from the margins of society competing for money in traditional South Korean kid’s games, with the loser being shot. In October 2021 Netflix stated that one hundred forty-two million customers (about two-thirds of its total users) had seen the show, a record that necessitates a second season.

While in France, Hwang noted that he has only written three pages of the script for the sequel to the violent mega-hit therefore its fans should not sit in hope as of now.


The thriller had created a massive buzz all across the globe since its release, it has been on the top watch list and also it had broken many records.

Meanwhile, Hwang initially scripted the series as a motion picture in 2009 and it was only until Netflix came to South Korea in 2016, that he was persuaded and turned it into a TV Series.

However, he narrated that it wasn’t easy for him to rewrite the screenplay for seven months.

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