Selangor Permanent Forest Reserves Reopen On Saturday, Here’s Where You Can Go

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Permanent Forest Reserves (HSK) in Selangor will be reopened for hikers starting Saturday (5 February), according to the state’s Forestry Department.

In a statement released online, the Department listed down the areas that visitors can go to starting this weekend:

Selangor Tengah

  • Gunung Nuang
  • Gunung Hitam
  • Bukit Cenuang
  • Air Terjun Sungai Lepoh
  • Bukit Saga
  • Bukit Apek
  • Bukit Broga
  • Bukit Kembara
  • Air Terjun Ulu Berdik

Hulu Selangor

  • Gunung Ulu Semangko
  • Bukit Choroko
  • Bukit Kutu
  • Air Terjun Lata Medang
  • Air Terjun Lata Macau
  • Air Terjun Setinggi
  • Air Terjun Lubuk Kawah

However, Gunung Nuang Kerana will still be closed by the state’s Forestry Department for maintenance due to the previous monsoon season.

Climbing activities is allowed with permission (permit to enter the forest reserve (climbing) – Borang 6.

Selangor Forestry Director Datuk Ahmad Fadzil bin Abd Majid

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