South Africa: City of Johannesburg ‘Exploring All Possible Avenues’ to Rescue Joburg Art Gallery

The Johannesburg Art Gallery has housed some of the greatest works from around Africa and the world for over 100 years. But, as with many heritage sites and museums in our country, its future is at risk.

Daily Maverick has previously reported on the state of the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), once a prominent, popular gallery in the hub of the city, now slowly decaying.

The City of Johannesburg, responsible for the maintenance of the gallery, convened a stakeholder meeting on 25 March where plans for the restoration of the JAG building and the Johannesburg council’s commitment to funding the long-term project were floated for the first time publicly.

Architect Brian McKechnie, who attended the meeting, told Daily Maverick: “They’ve identified that the building is in really critical condition and that they have to undertake major works to it. And to protect the works, they need to move them off-site and store them safely and create a satellite gallery.”

City spokesperson Nthatisi Modingoane told Daily Maverick that a team of structural engineers commissioned by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) – an implementing arm of the municipality – conducted an assessment of the state of the building in the latter half…

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