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Welsh star Gareth Bale will earn at LAFC less than 95% of what he earned per season at Real Madrid, a “sacrifice” of more than $30 million, but the player wants to take advantage of the opportunity to help the MLS team grow and, given the lack of activity he had in LaLiga, he surely wants minutes to arrive in top condition for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Gareth Bale was the star MLS signing for the season currently being played. The player landed last weekend in Los Angeles and already offered his first wheel, he already trained, assured that he wants titles and now he only needs to demonstrate on the field his quality and capabilities.

Gareth Bale attends first training session with new club LAFCAP/Courtesy LAFC

What will Gareth Bale’s salary be in MLS?

The former Tottenham player earned close to $33 million per season with Real Madrid, and in LAFC he will barely earn $1.5 million; even in the Angelina squad he is not the best paid, not even in MLS, where players such as Mexican Javier Chicharito Hernandez or his now teammate, Carlos Vela, receive a better salary, three or four times higher.

But the only thing that seems to matter to the player is what he shows on the field, to help win a title and to correspond to the great support given by the fans, who cheered him on Friday when he watched the victory of LAFC 3-2 againts Los Angeles Galaxy.

Bale: I’m not here for short termAP

Gareth Bale’s priorities

“I’m going to give my all to make this project grow. I had a great reception from all my teammates. As I said, I want to contribute everything I can to get a trophy. MLS is getting better, LAFC is getting better, the stadiums are getting better all the time, so it’s important to come to a league like the U.S.,” he said in his presentation.

So, not even the more than 30 million dollars that he will no longer receive, compared to his previous and current contract, seem to matter to Bale, who is happy in Los Angeles, where he has friends, excited to be in MLS and waiting for the team’s growth.

Still training and ready for his debut

While he awaits his debut, which could come on Sunday when LAFC visits Nashville FC, Bale continues his preparation and training, adapting to his new teammates and ready to show on the pitch the desire he has to win titles.

His presence in Los Angeles also makes him an undisputed starter and he will have minutes, which will allow him to arrive in optimal conditions to Qatar 2022, where Wales shares group with the United States, Iran and England.

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