The right moment for a timely reflection

1. ‘THE starting point’

In every meaningful discourse, it is crucial to state in a clear manner what is the basis for the whole matter. It is crucial to keep us on track, and in the unfortunate event where we did lose our track, we can always refer back to it. 

PAS President, Tan Sri Haji Abdul Hadi bin Haji Awang in one of his speeches regarding Muafakat Nasional, started off the speech by reciting two verses from surah Ali ‘Imran:


Verse 103: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not be divided”.

And verse 105: “And do not be like those who split into sects and differed after clear proofs had come to them. It is they who will suffer a tremendous punishment”.

These two verses should be the principle behind the concept of ‘penyatuan ummah’ (unification of the Muslim umma). 

Let it be clear, the verses do not apply only to unification between Umno and PAS, but with any party for the sake of Islam. The key operative words: ‘for the sake of Islam’. 

And this is our ‘starting point’. 

2. ‘Past wounds’

One of the nature of politics, is the potential interchange of ‘foes and friends’. PAS and Umno have been bitter rivals and foes for decades. But in the name of Islam, through Muafakat Nasional, we became friends. 

But not long after that, the dynamic changes when BERSATU comes into the equation. Hence the question: is it the right move for PAS and Umno to accept BERSATU?

Some of our friends in Umno find it hard to forget the ‘past wounds’ inflicted to them by BERSATU.

Commenting on this issue, YB Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Fadzli bin Dato’ Haji Hassan, a member of PAS central committee, in his speech in ‘Sidang DUN Kelantan’ recently, stated that PAS have taken the ‘high road’ by forgetting all the past wounds inflicted by Umno. Verse 105 of Ali ‘Imran was again recited as the guiding principle.

He went further by stating that PAS is ready to accept Parti Amanah Negara (PAN), under a prerequisite conditon whereby that party must abandon DAP.

The message is clear: for the sake of Islam, we can all forget the past wounds.   

3. ‘A blessing in disguise’

YB Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Fadzli had also invited all parties to look at the bigger picture. For decades, the conservative perception of politics is either PAS or Umno won, and either one is lost. 

But in the last general election, Umno lost the federal government, but PAS did not win. The conservative perception is now effectively obsolete. 

And behind this new political spectrum of Umno losing, and PAS not winning, there is a blessing in disguise. Allah has opened the eyes of the Muslim umma in Malaysia, that there is no other way than the unification of umma. ‘Penyatuan Ummah’ is the only solution. 

PAS, Umno, and BERSATU is the right formula to face Pakatan Harapan in the next general election. 

The decision must be made quickly, and for all parties, this is the right moment for a timely reflection. 

Darulnaim Research Centre – HARAKAHDAILY 7/4/2022

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