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The lawsuit filed by former general manager Donnie Nelson, where he claims he was fired from the Dallas Mavericks after denouncing a sexual assault by chief of staff Jason Lutin on one of his nephews, led to the owner of the popular NBA team, Mark Cuban, came out to defend whom he considers one of his trusted men.

The millionaire businessman assures that Nelson’s accusations presented in Dallas County are a lie, suggesting that the 59 year old veteran intends to make a great economic profit from his version.

Mark Cuban words

He was fired as a result

Mark Cuban

“We did multiple full investigations and the only person who did not meet the standards of the Dallas Mavericks was Mr. Nelson. He was fired as a result. He was very aware of the investigation. He refused to participate fully. I’ll say it again, everything he said is a lie”, says an email that Cuban sent to ESPN.

Nelson assures that, in February 2020, a nephew of his had lunch with Lutin in a hotel in Chicago, since his objective was to ask him for a job opportunity. However, the man asked him to return later to the room where he was staying to discuss the subject further and it was there that he ended up being sexually assaulted.

Months later, his family member told him what happened and then he approached Mark Cuban to denounce the aggressor without imagining that, far from supporting him, he would end up losing his job. For this, Nelson dared to sue him.

Donnie Nelson words

“Filing a lawsuit is not something to be taken lightly. However, it was extremely important that he speak. It is to be hoped that the facts that emerge in this lawsuit will protect the incredible people with whom I have had the honor and privilege of working during my 24 years with the Mavericks“, said the plaintiff in an interview where he assures that they came to put him on the table an offer of 52 million dollars for his silence, but he refused to accept it.

Nelson joined the Mavs in 1998 and by 2005 he managed to become the team’s general manager.

For his part, Lutin has also denied the accusations that point to him as a sexual aggressor.

Jason Lutin words

“What this man is doing to someone like me is absolutely indescribable. It is a complete lie. Obviously, I have a lot of information to show that none of that happened”, assured.

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