This Charming Raya Ad Makes You Go “AAHHH!” And “Awww!” All At Once

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Making friends is a lot like baking cookies.

You get a few good ingredients, mix them all together, add a touch of sweetness, wait patiently until they’re done – and savour the delicious and satisfying goodness of a shared bond that is sure to create countless wonderful memories.

Imagine getting a call from your best friends you haven’t seen in a while asking to catch up. They ask you if you could bake them your legendary cookies cause they’ve been dying to have them.

You agree because, OF COURSE, you’d love to make it for them! You go out, get the finest quality chocolate from Vochelle to make the perfect cookies and bake tirelessly for hours. You package them nicely in jars, one for each of them.

(Credit: Vochelle Chocolate)

Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. After pouring out your heart in baking these legendary cookies for your friends, you discover that you can’t give it to them after all!

What’s worse is that now you have nothing to bring your friends for buka puasa and their ONLY request was those cookies.

(Credit: Vochelle Chocolate)

Well, that was the tragedy that befell poor Sabrina in this year’s Hari Raya ad by Vochelle. To find out what really happened, watch Vochelle Chocolate’s “Saat Manis Ramadan” ad here:

But fortunately, this story ends in a heartwarming unravelling of what it really means to be loved by your friends.

The story continues as Sabrina walks up to the doorstep of her best friend’s house with a sunken feeling that she may have disappointed the people she cherished.

(Credit: Vochelle Malaysia)

When all she wanted was to put a smile on their faces, they reassured her that what matters isn’t what she brings to them, but who she is to them. 

The ad is a reminder that we often put value on our relationships based on what we can do for others. However, it’s not so much our actions but our genuine sincerity that establish real and lasting relationships. 

It’s been almost two years since we were freely able to meet face-to-face and enjoy a meal with our friends. The ad emphasizes the irreplaceable feeling of having the opportunity to be around your loved ones, especially during Ramadan and Raya. 

After a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling for viewers as the ad comes to a close with all of them sitting around a table breaking fast together with good food and the fellowship of one another.

Because that’s the real sweet treat right? 🥰

The ad is also a continuation of the love story between Sabrina and Ah Seng as seen in Vochelle Chocolate’s CNY 2022 ad. Watch Vochelle’s CNY ad HERE to find out how their love story began!

The Raya ad is a beautiful depiction of their blossoming relationship with each other. So don’t miss out on following the journey of this super cute on-screen couple!

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