Uganda: U.S. Actor Terrence Howard Eyes Uganda as ‘Fertile Ground’ for New Technology Initiatives

Cape Town — Oscar-winning actor Terrence Howard is in Uganda, where he announced the development of several scientific initiatives that also form part of plans to boost funding and tourism to the nation, Nile Post reports.

Howard’s effort comes as Uganda seeks to attract investment from historical diasporas in a drive led by Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi. “We appreciate you asking people of African descent to return so that we can now rebuild Africa the way that it was supposed to be,” Howard said.

President Yoweri Museveni also offered Howard support, suggesting policymakers best suited to the cause and offering land for any potential development. Howard thanked Museveni and hailed his Pan-African spirit.

Reaction to the speech Howard gave at his audience with Museveni was scathing, and can be best described as “dragging” when viewed on Twitter. The American actor was named with stars like Akon and Kanye West for bringing “big ideas” to Uganda. Journalist Nancy Kacungira tweeted: “… Akon: “Akon City, which will operate using my own cryptocurrency, Akoin”. Kanye West: “Uganda should be like Jurassic Park”. Terrence Howard: “Bringing a new form of flight to Uganda using the geometry of hydrogen”.”

Though the connection to hydrogen is unclear, not all of Howard’s plans can be called pie in the sky – he also spoke about “bringing a new form of flight to Uganda” following his creation of the Lynchpin drone design project.

The Lynchpin System

This initiative is aimed at revolutionising the design of unmanned aerial vehicles by using geometry. “The goal of the Lynchpin Drone Contest is to create a software and hardware system that allows a “Lynchpin Drone” to fly. The Lynchpin Drone must be able to rotate into any orientation while maintaining position. The Lynchpin Drone must be able to move in any direction regardless of its orientation,” an official description of the project reads.