[Watch] “It’s Genius” Netizens Praise Man For Checking Traffic Condition From Afar Using Binoculars

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This year, the post-Hari Raya Aidilfitri traffic jam is overwhelming for many motorists on the road.

Some have been on the road for hours just waiting for the traffic to move. On top of dealing with traffic standstills, they might even be facing fuel shortages along the way home.

However, a driver’s antics recently provided a little bit of comical relief for the other motorists on the same stretch of road.

In the video, a man stood on top of his Perodua Viva and peered into the distance, using a pair of binoculars, to check out the traffic situation. It was as if he was on a seafaring journey on a tiny boat.

@malaysianupdatenews Captain Jack Sparrow 😂 #RancakRaya #GayaRaya #EntertainmentRaya #malaysianupdate ♬ Pirates Of The Caribbean – Main Theme – He’s A Pirate – Geek Music

Coupled with the theme song from the Pirates of the Caribbean, netizens joked that the driver was channelling Captain Jack Sparrow.

Some of them gave the man several nicknames, such as Jem Sparrow (halfway jam), Jack Saparuh and Jamal Sparrow.

via Gfycat

Netizens praised the man for his clever idea and wished him a safe journey home.

That said, please do not copy this behaviour because it can still cause preventable road accidents.

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