[Watch] Man Born Armless Makes Kuih At Cheras Ramadan Bazaar, Inspires Netizens With His Grit

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A peneram seller at a Ramadan bazaar in Taman Melawati recently inspired many netizens with his resilience despite his physical disabilities.

You see, Hijjaz doesn’t have both of his arms. A curious netizen asked how he managed to work in his condition.

In response, Hijjaz (@muhdhijjaz1) posted a video on TikTok showing him making peneram, a traditional Malay pastry that looks like mini doughnuts.

@muhdhijjaz1 Balas kepada @penyuu_terbang ♬ original sound – ꜰᴀᴛɪᴍᴀ ꕤ

Using a long stick, Hijjaz demonstrated how he expertly lifted the peneram from the hot wok of oil into a container at the side.

No dark jokes. This is reality.

Hijjaz wrote in the TikTok video caption.

Hijjaz told WeirdKaya that he used to be a para-athlete for Perak before setting up his peneram business.

He represented the state as a para-athlete and was crowned champion at SUKMA Perak 2018.

Netizens respected his positive mindset and determination to work despite his circumstances.

They wished him all the success in his business and prayed that his burdens would be eased.

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