[Watch] Woman Checks In At Hotel Room In Kelantan, Shocked To Find A Man Hiding In The Closet

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As the Covid-19 lockdown fades into the past, businesses are booming again at hotels.

It’s advisable for travellers to check every corner of the hotel room before staying.

As crazy as it may sound, there might be malicious individuals hiding in the room.

Such was the experience of a TikTok user, Dobi Dina. She encountered a stranger hiding in the closet of a hotel room that she had booked.

A Cock And Bull Story

In his defence, the man claimed that he had been scammed by someone.

He was supposed to book the room and meet a woman named Sarah who happened to have the same name as the TikTok user.

He claimed that the hotel staff had let him into the room.

The encounter, which was said to happen in Kelantan, was recorded and uploaded on TikTok.

A hotel, Attana Hotels, was tagged in the posting.

Netizens Demand Action

The incident made netizens feel scared. They asked the TikTok user to lodge a police report on the horrifying encounter.

They also advised the woman to complain to the hotel management first instead of interrogating the man personally, in fear that he would run away.

Peeping Tom?

Others noted that the suspect could be recording video secretly as he used his phone when caught.

They said the victim should seize the phone or its memory card to search for evidence of wrongdoing.

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