Welcome Home Nikki Glaser Teaser: Is St. Louis Really for Her?

Home sweet home? Not so much.

In this sneak peek clip of the Sunday, May 1 episode of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, the comedian—who’s still settling in after moving back to her hometown of St. Louis—gets some pretty scary news: Her mom was swatted.

“[It’s] when someone calls in a false emergency,” Nikki tells her roommate, Andrew, “Bottom line is, my mom was home alone and a cop showed up thinking that I was there with a bunch of guns and drugs and that I was sold into sex slavery or something.”

Thankfully, none of those things are true. But Nikki is rightfully freaked out.

“Since moving back to my hometown of St. Louis,” the stand-up comic explains, “I have this false sense of safety that, until my mom was swatted, I didn’t realize was completely delusional because there’s direct flights to St. Louis. Any time of day!”

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