“We’re Here To Help, Even If You Doubt Us” Road Rangers Proud To Help Drivers In Distress

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Between all the cases of “call men” fighting to tow away crashed cars, overcharging customers, or just straight up committing insurance fraud—it’s no wonder Malaysians might find tow truck drivers untrustworthy.

But as the saying goes: all that is gold does not glitter.

This Hari Raya, follow the story of Abang Mail, an Allianz Road Ranger who tries to make an honest living working as a tow truck operator serving customers in need despite what they might think of his line of work.

“Call man and tow truck drivers are not the same. People often stereotype us and give us the side-eye. They think we solely want to make easy money from our work,” exclaimed Abang Mail in a short Aidilfitri ad by Allianz Malaysia.

The commercial follows Abang Mail’s journey as a loving husband and father as well as a proud member of the Allianz Road Rangers team who are on the ready, day and night, to tend to drivers in distress.

We do sincere work for the ones we love. With only one call away, Allianz Road Ranger will be there for you.

Abang Mail

Catch the sincere story of human struggles and kindness in “Sangka Baik” below.

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