Zimbabwe: Fundira Pens Thought-Provoking Book

Senior Arts Reporter

Renowned author and life coach Shingie Fundira has released a thought-provoking book entitled “Identity Crisis: Unlock The Hidden Treasure Within You”.

The 115-page book was published by Dean Thompson Publishing and has received a warm response from those who have already accessed the soft copy on social media, with popular digital streaming rating the book at 20.

Fundira, who is based in the United Kingdom, is launching the debut non-fiction, inspirational tonight at Rainbow Towers where some of the reputable local motivational speakers and authors are expected to attend.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Fundira said the book was inspired by the identity crisis being faced in society.

She took advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown to pen the book.

“It took me about seven months to pen the book,” she said. “The creative juices were overflowing and I took utmost advantage of the free time I had during lockdown.

“Whenever there is a crisis, there’s always an opportunity to be seized. I would say that this is my prized possession, inspired by my life settings. Definitely, it will provoke you as it talks to you.”

Fundira decided to write the “deep book”, as she describes it, because she wanted to focus on self-worth, self-recognition and the desire to fit-in into a society that is inherently complex – characterised by cultural resistance, ignorance and or traditional manipulation.