Zimbabwe: Funeral Services Firm Expands Into Region

LOCAL funeral assurance firm, Claremont Funeral Services, says it has expanded its repatriation business portfolio into a number of regional countries as demand for its services spiked due to Covid-19 related deaths.

Managing director, Mr Desire Muloyiwa, said in an interview the company had seen a growth on its claims portfolio, particularly the repatriation business, following the establishment of branches in most Southern African countries.

“We used to operate mainly between Zimbabwe and South Africa with the main (service offered) being repatriation, but our wings have since been spread to other countries in Southern Africa.

“We are repatriating bodies to and from countries like Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said Mr Muloyiwa, adding plans are afoot to cover the whole of Africa and beyond.

He said due to the overwhelming demand for the firm’s services due to Covid-19 related deaths, Claremont had joined hands with similar service providers in host countries to ensure smooth repatriation of bodies.

“Due to the increase in deaths owing to Covid-19 cases, at times we join forces with similar service providers in various countries in terms of repatriating the human remains from places of death to the rightful burial places in their countries,” he said.

The company has reportedly been repatriating more than 120 bodies per week within the region.