Zimbabwe: Plea to Take Poetry, Theatre As a Business

Arts Reporters

Zimbabwean poets and theatre practitioners yesterday commemorated the belated co-joined World Theatre Day and Poetry Day at Theatre in The Park.

The day is celebrated on March 21 every year and locals decided to celebrate the day later due to logistical problems.

The event ran under the theme, ‘Poetry and Theatre Entrepreneurship for development in the cultural and creative spaces’ in a bid to promote the local acts in the sector.

Poets and dancers, including Luckmore Magaya, Tinashe Muchuri and the Elysium Group, showcased their talents on stage.

According to the organisers, the event was supported by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Zimbabwe Theatre Academy, Educational Technology Centre (ETC), Afriremedy, Zimbabwe Theme Association (ZITA), Rooftop Association Information Technology Institute (ITI), Govron Chemicals and Elysium dance theatre.

In an interview, poet Luckmore Magaya, who doubled as master of ceremonies, said poetry and theatre works should be taken seriously to sustain livelihoods.

“I have been in the industry for more than 10 years now performing in both respects, but today I was honoured to be part of this event as it gave me more wisdom on how to further my studies and crave more for theatre,” he said.

Magaya said that he turned to poetry at a very young age after his father passed on.