Zimbabwe: Self-Taught Pencil Artist Aims for Global Fame

Arts Reporter

Artistry is one of the most underrated talents in some Zimbabwean communities, starting from how people fail to see the value of drawing or paintings to how they greatly discourage mostly children from doing it.

But the story of Malvern Chikambure is quite different.

The 20-year-old, based in Harare’s Glen View 3 suburb, is making strides in building a career out of his passion as a pencil artist. Chikambure mostly focuses on realism drawing as he draws inspiration from his surroundings.

“I like it when my drawing is exerting some sort of emotional aura,” he said in an interview.

“I am very certain my drawings communicate messages too.”

Chikambure completed his A level studies in 2019, but faced financial limitations to progress with his education.

“I really wanted to go further with my education,” he said.

“I was doing science subjects in high school, but from the situation at home, I could clearly see things would not balance financially if I were to pursue higher education.”

Chikambure discovered his talent as a pencil artist when he was still in high school and started studying tutorials from YouTube and also researched on where he could get the material to draw his pictures.

“I didn’t even have an Art class at my school and I was also a science student, so nothing from school equipped me to be a pencil artist,” he said.